The Art and Skill of Writing a Song

7. The Home Stretch: The Completion Phase

Constructing the song:

By now youíll have lines, fragments of verses, some musical ideas, riffs Ė like a jigsaw that youíve just started and you donít have the picture on the box. Itís time to kick the left brain up a notch.

Start arranging and rearranging the fragments (lyrics and music) into a likely order and work out whatís missing.

This is the point where we have to do some active thinking (left brain), experimenting with lines that will link fragments, editing for redundancy, rhythm and feel.

Completing the Song:

Itís not the purpose of this exercise to consider song structure. And for the purposes of our songwriting practice it doesnít matter either. What matters is that we have something with a beginning, a middle and an end. Set a time limit and do whatever it takes to finish it Ė however corny or strained. Remember: itís about practising the craft from beginning to end.

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