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New Zealand Folk and Acoustic Music

Welcome to kiwifolk.com, the New Zealand Folk and Acoustic Music pages. This is the editorial companion to the legacy site kiwifolk.org.nz, Folk and Acoustic Music in NZ, which has been running since 1994 and still has the most up-to-date directories of New Zealand folk clubs, folk festivals and acoustic music artists and more. Kiwifolk.com has many informative articles, interviews, blogs and discussion lists.

Kiwifolk Tweets

Stolen Instruments

Instruments that are unique or special in some way, especially valuable folk instruments are often stolen opportunistically, and those of us who play them have keen eyes for detail when we see them. So if you've lost an instrument, email the details and any pictures to stolen@kiwifolk.com and I'll list it for you. Check here to view stolen instruments that have been reported to Kiwifolk, especially if someone is offering something for sale.

The Southern Man Song

A short history of the Southern Man song as it pertained to the Pioneer Pog 'n' Scroggin Bush Band and the Otago NPC.

Songwriting Workshop

The Art and Skill of Writing a Song is a series of pages based on a presentation given by the author at a Songwriting Seminar in Gore during NZ Music Month (May 2007). It adresses the practtice songwriting as a discipline, using left- and right-brain techniques and ideas for avoiding ruts and writer's block.

Email Lists

The nz-folk email list ia a community of 250-plus folk who have an interest in the New Zealand folk scene. It is mostly, but not limited to, New Zealanders, many of whom are known to each other (hence the occasional robust discussion). The celtic-music list is a quieter, more formal list for those specifically interested in folk music (very loosely defined as Celtic) announcements and queries.

Kiwifolk Blog

Regular posts of interesting topics on the nz-folk list and other thoughts and observations of the New Zealand folk scene can be found on The Kiwifolk Blog. Anyone can post comments without jumping through too many hoops, and if you think you might want to become a regular contributor, let me know and I'll set you up.

Clubs and Festivals

The most current listing of New Zealand folk and acoustic music clubs, dance societies and more can be found here as well as New Zealand folk festivals. These lists are kept as accurate as possible: if you have any additions or detect any errors, please email the Kiwifolk Webmaster

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The Kiwifolk Calendar

Travelling around New Zealand? Want to know what's on where you are? Clubs, artists gigs, festivals, tours and sessions are all being added to The Kiwifolk Calendar as we speak. If you are an artist, organiser or venue owner and want to add your own events, please contact webmaster@kiwifolk.com for access. This is a Google Calendar, and is world-readable and searchable - you can link your events back to your own website.

Check back often for updates.

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This site is run by Mike Moroney from Dunedin, New Zealand.
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